Detached House and Pool
Xavier Esparó Enrique
Premià de Dalt

The plot is situated in the area more high Premia de Dalt, with an area of 1,115.00 m² with trapezoidal form. The plot enjoys views of the sea and has an accused slope of 30.00 %. The direction of the slope and the view over the sea are in South orientation , as well as the access to the plot .

TOPOGRAPHY . The main idea of ​​the Project is the adaptations of the house to the unique characteristics of the site . The building is divided into three niveles that merge with the slope of the plot, achieving increased energy savings . Each one of these terraces have sea views and are gardens.

SUSTAINABILITY . Bury a large part of the building gets a high thermal inertia which will provide a more stable temperature during all year , minimizando energy demand of the building . The house responde to the solar orientations , enhancing energetic saving. The South orientation have a large porch with horizontal filters motorized , which would allow the client to regulate the light of the sun , protecting the great windows of the study , kitchen and dining , as well as the pool. The first floor have a concrete visor to prevent overheating of the games room in summer , but in winter allows the warming of the floor. The west facade is more opaque to avoid the overheating of the horizontal solar irradiation, whilst in the North, as the solar energy input is less , the facade reduces to a minimum the openings to avoid energy losses . Lastly, the east facade has the same desing of West Facade althout the irradiation is less. The building has cross-ventilation in the two floors up and proposes the a landscaped terrace on the first floor that provide the building of more thermal inertia and prevent overheating. Finally we propose the use of renewable sources of energy , such as geothermal with  a refreshing and radiant floor


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